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Redding Senior's Dance Committtee

Shirley Meeker             Co-Chairperson
Michael Schrader         Co-Chairperson
Linda Aldrich                Secretary  

Committee Members
Sherry Peitzmeier                Romona Bowling                          Roger Hofhenke            Larry & Jackie Patrick
Lorraine Baker                     Kathleen Bruce-Wilson                Richard Barreau
Anna Baron                          Marsha Derby                               Cathy Kiewel
Marcella Bishop                   Diana Hartung                              Lois Martin

           Committee meeting are held on the second Friday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the Redding Senior Center


Minutes of the January 8. 2016 meeting

Present: Michael Schrader, Shirley Meeker, Lois Martin, Romona Bowling, Diana Hartung, Marcella Bishop, Anna Baron and Linda Aldrich with Kandee Burke visiting.

Co-chair Michael Schrader called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. There being no new members or visitors, he called for reading of the minutes of the last meeting.

Secretary Linda Aldrich read the minutes of the 12/4/15 meeting. Lois moved that they be accepted, Shirley seconded and the minutes were approved on a voice vote.

Committee Reports:

Band: Lois reported that The Rough Cut Band will play for 2nd through 4th Fridays through June and Out of the Blue will play on first Fridays, April through June. There have been complaints that Out of the Blue plays too many fast songs and Romona suggested that they be told to play at a slower tempo.

Senior Solos: No one has stepped forward to lead this group. Shirley was asked to announce during the break tonight that a leader or 2 co-leaders are needed.

 New Business

Website changes – Michael said that dances have been re-grouped into week day and week end categories. It was suggested that Saturday be used instead of week end because people refer to those dances as Saturday dances (50’s Plus and Dance Party Dance Club). He needs a photo of each band that will be playing at Saturday night dances to include on the website – Hill Street (1/30), Cottonwood (2/20) and Shasta High School Band (3/26) for the 50’s Plus Club; and Night Hawks (1/9 and 2/13) and Pat Karch (3/12) for Dance Party Dance Club. Romona said that there will be a half-hour free dance class before the first 50’s Plus dance.

Michael suggested pursuing an idea for joint membership for both Redding Senior Center and Anderson Thursday dances for $25 per person with $9 going to Anderson and $16 to Redding. There were numerous objections to that idea including coming up with a larger amount all at one time (Diana); too small an amount to satisfy either board; and the very different structures at the two locations (separate board in Anderson devoted just to dances and overarching board in Redding for the entire senior center). Romona said it would open up a can of worms and the consensus was to drop that idea. Anna said that she has heard complaints about Senior Center of Shasta County, Inc. (SCSC) annual memberships going up to $20 this year from $12 last year and that an increase to $15 would be more acceptable. Linda pointed out that this committee has no control over that and that people with complaints should be directed to attend SCSC board meetings.

 Valentine’s Dance – Michael asked whether we should hold a St. Valentine’s Day dance and the consensus was in the affirmative. We will give a prize for the best table decoration (similar to Halloween and Christmas). Michael said that LIA Direct (his insurance business) would provide the prize. That 2/12 theme dance will be announced at the end of January.

 Old Business

 50’s Plus Dance – Romona reported that $740 will be used for memberships of former Just Dance members in SCSC and that there is $1110 to defray band costs for monthly Saturday dances. After the first dance, dances will be on 4th Saturdays unless the hall gets rented to an outside group for which SCSC must give 30 day’s notice. Romona has lined up bands for April 30 (Steve Hermann), May 21 (Lindsay Thomas with a similar sound to Hill Street) and June 25 (Pat Karch). Dress for the 50’s Plus dances will be dressy casual except for the Prom which will be formal. Parents of members of the Shasta High band will be admitted to the Prom on a two-for- one basis with no age limit. Romona will correct inaccurate information in The Broadcaster by contacting Anita, the new editor.

Michael said that a golf tournament will tie into the June 50’s Plus dance. Cost for the tournament will be $20 with $5 going to the dance and $5 to the SCSC.

Black & White Ball – Lois reported that the Rough Cut Band will be playing for that dance on 1/22. A couple wanted it to be a formal dress occasion, but others objected, so the theme will be any black and white attire. A committee member said that SCSC has black and white table cloths and as many committee members as can make it will come early to put them on the tables. Shirley will announce the Black & White Ball tonight and Michael will produce a flyer.

Dance Committee Assignments for January – will remain the same with Michael and Shirley trading off responsibility for the admissions table with relief by Linda and Richard.


The next Committee Meeting will be February 5th so as to avoid conflicting with the Valentine’s Dance on 2/12. Michael will put this change of date in the newsletter tonight.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

 Linda Aldrich