Shasta County 50's Plus

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                                   Dancing Events for the Month of November/December 2018   

____Date_______Location/Time___________        Band   __________UTube of Band

November 2nd        Redding Senior Center/7:00pm   Out of the Blue   

November 9th         Redding Senior Center/7:00pm   Juke Box Friday         Chose your own music (Original Artist)

November 15th        Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Rough Cuts    

November 16th        Redding Senior Center/7:00pm   Steve Hermann

November 17th        Anderson Moose Lodge/7:00pm   Out of the Blue 

November 18th        Frontier Cntr/Anderson/1:00pm  Pat Karch Band 

November 20th       Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Coyotes Band

November 22nd       No Dance at the Frontier Center in Anderson due to Thanksgiving

November 23rd       No Dance at Redding Senior Center due to Thanksgiving weekend

November 27th       Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Coyotes Band

November 29th       Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm   Rough Cuts  

November 30th       Redding Senior Center/7:00pm    Pine Dogz    

December   4th       Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Coyotes Band

December   6th       Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm   Rough Cuts

December   7th       Redding Senior Center/7:00pm   Out of the Blue 

December   8th       Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Lou White Band

December  11th        Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Coyotes Band

November 13th        Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Rough Cuts 

December 14th        Redding Senior Center/7:00pm    T C & Hedgehogs

December 16th        Frontier Senior Center/1:00pm    Sister Swing

December 18th       Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Coyotes Band

December 20th      Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Rough Cuts  

December 21st       Redding Senior Center/7:00pm    Juke Box Friday    Christmas Party (Holiday Music upon request)

December 27th      Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  Rough Cuts 

December 28th      No Dance at Redding Senior Center due to New Years Weekend

December 31st    Frontier Cntr/Anderson/7:00pm  New Years Eve Party